The Top 3 Social Media Marketing no-no’s


1) Nobody wants to feel advertised to

Commercials....rarely do we actually enjoy them interrupting the big game or our favorite TV show and the same goes for Social Media. Our social media timelines are rapidly becoming our new favorite way to entertain ourselves the way TV programming did before the age of the age of the internet. A constant stream of product posts or “click here to buy now” is a sure fire way to lose subscribers/followers and ultimately those that buy into your brand, product or service. Get creative and mix it up. Engage, question and appeal to the person who is viewing your content’s sense of humor or curiosities. Educate them or help them solve a problem in something related to your brand. There is a place for straight advertising in your marketing strategy but don’t build your whole strategy around it. Think about what irritates and interrupts your social media so you can avoid being that to your target audience.


2) get to the point

Nobody wants to go through long winded and or complicated posts. They want to consume the information effortlessly. Utilize Infographics, charts and quick stats to get your message across efficiently.


3) all give and no take

If you are going to ask your audience to do something, give them a reward or incentive.  Just having to submit my email becomes a hustle especially if I suspect my inbox is going to be bombarded with offers and sales pitches. Give up some free content or maybe a discount code. You want to win the affections and confidence of your audience. We can spot those that are out just to take a mile away.