Like many around the world, I was horrified by the latest bout of violence seen in the US over the past few days. Former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh tweeted the following statement just after the sniper attack in Dallas.

"This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you,"

I heard about it on social media and started reading reactionary comments and tweets. The outrage caused by Joe Walsh was everywhere. Considering this came from a former member of congress the tweet was particularly hurtful and offensive. However there was also some that championed the sentiment and fought back against the criticism.

Although social media informed us of Joe’s reaction, it also helped spread Joe’s message. You might argue that there should be some kind of overseeing system put in place that would suppress/mute or block negative, harmful or hateful posts. There are rules about posting depending on what platform you use however I believe ultimately censorship should be kept to a minimum. I believe this because too much censorship kills freedom of expression. The boundaries become a matter of opinion and how do we decide what opinion is the standpoint. Opinions can differ amongst personal friends let alone on a grand level like the twitter community.

Although there have been cases of terrible bullying at the hands of social justice warriors and trolls, there are cases of fun, clever and justified rebukes in the forms of memes and tweets. I posted the picture of Joe Walsh sporting an afro. Much like interesting artwork the interpretation of the image is left up to the person observing the picture. I think the picture promotes the idea that we are all one race despite our ethnic history and the problem that we need to uproot goes deeper than skin colour. I wonder what Joe thinks of it.

Peace and Love